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Playing Roulette Games Online

Online roulette is a lot different then the land based version of roulette. If you like to bet on numbers without the confusion of how to place bets, then playing an online roulette game is for you.

However, online roulette cannot accurately duplicate the experience of playing roulette at a real casino. The games you would play online are more like the electronic roulette (also known as rapid roulette) games offered at some casinos. In electronic roulette, bets are automatically placed independently from anyone else without you having to approach the roulette table.

Online roulette is similar, but you are the only person betting when the roulette wheel spins. Want to try to play a free online roulette game? Click here.

play roulette games online

There are some of the plus points in playing the online version of the Roulette:

  1. One can conveniently play from home.
  2. There is no traveling at all to go all the way to the casino.
  3. There are several advantages of the web version of roulette.
  4. Even Free games are available to master the art of the game.
  5. The payout ratio is quite high in most of the sites.

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Which Roulette Type is Better - European or American

You can play both American roulette and European Roulette in most casinos. What's the difference between the two? Either the table contains 38 (American) or 37 (European) sections. The one section deleted is the 00 space.

Many online players prefer playing the European style because of the removal of the 00. This reduces the house advantage by half over American roulette.

European version is more popular online as it consists of only 37 slots rather than 38 slots in the American version. With one slot less, it enhances the chances of winning the odds of the online roulette game.

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Basic Guidelines for Online Roulette

Online roulette is quite easy to play and can be simply played with your personal home computer. Here are some of the basic guidelines to play:

Placing the chip - If you desire to place the bet on a given number, then you must go to that particular number and click with the mouse.

Spinning of the Wheel - One can easily spin the wheel by just a click on the wheel icon.

Stop the spinning of the Wheel - Simply go to the wheel icon again and stop the spinning of the wheel.

There are some things that to must know for playing the roulette online. There is a "Buy in" scheme where the gambler has to purchase special chips according to the casino table. Here, all the players get different colors of chips.

The player can cash the special colored chips once the play gets over. Every table has a bet limit. There's a maximum and minimum bet limit. The minimum bet limit for both outside and inside table. In case, if the minimum bet is $5, then it will be for inside and also the outside table.

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Roulette Rules and Probabilities

You can find some great roulette tips and roulette odds here.

Just like the conventional game, even online game has similar rules. There have been well known mathematicians who made the online game more popular. They introduced a lot of new tips and strategies for playing this game. They are so strong and powerful that one can consider it as tips of winning the online version of the roulette and a high payout.